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What is CFM® whey protein isolate? 

'CFM®' stands for cross-flow microfiltration. CFM® is a natural, non-chemical process that uses proprietary membrane techniques to create a highly pure (>90%), nutritionally superior and undenatured whey protein isolate. To 'denature' whey protein means to alter the natural qualities of the whey protein. For example, using heat, acidity or chemicals to isolate the whey protein. Provon® 292 (CFM® WPI) is manufactured under favorable conditions so as to minimize the potential protein denaturing that can be caused by time, temperature, and microbial quality. Provon® 292 is tested for this 'denaturing' and historically demonstrates levels of >98% undenatured protein. CFM® and Provon® 292 are registered trademarks of Glanbia Nutritionals.

*Blue denotes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)

*Blue denotes branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)